New Materials

If you need curbside service, library staff will be available M-Th 10pm-7pm and Sat 10am-2pm at 217-629-6353.


The Riverton Village Library is pleased to share that new material is being add through a grant funding from the Illinois State Library.  This grant will enhance the library efforts to provide updated and engaging material titles by many popular authors and some material from emerging authors.  Stop in Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm or Saturday 10am-2pm and see what the library has to offer.  Due to current Covid restrictions, library capacity is limited to 5.


Funding for this grant was awarded by the Illinois State Library, a Department of the Office of Secretary of State, using funds provided by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).

Here is our new Grant Material for February:   

New Adult Material


Book of Lost Names                                                                                        Kristen Harmel


Butterfly Lampshade                                                                                      Aimee Bender


Mother In Law                                                                                                  Sally Hepworth


Perfect Guest (Large Print)                                                                          Emma Rous


Survivor Song                                                                                                    Paul Temblay


Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder                                                     Joanne, Fluke


Twisted Ones                                                                                                    T. Kingfisher




New Children’s Material


Broncho and Friends                                                                                      Tim Tebow


Brightest Night                                                                                                  Tui Sutherland


Jump at the Sun                                                                                                               Alicia Williams


Moon Rising                                                                                                       Tui Sutherland


Winter Turning                                                                                                  Tui Sutherland


Twins 1                                                                                                                 Varian Johnson


Votes of Confidence                                                                                      Jeff Fleischer




New Non Fiction


Beginners Knitting Manual                                                                           Debbie Tomkies


Just As I am                                                                                                        Cicely Tyson


Life in the Fasting Lane                                                                                  Jason Fung


Republic of Lies                                                                                                 Anna Merlan






Also.......New February 2021



2067                                                                Critical Thinking


Grant                                                               Hard to Kill





A Life without Regret                                     







Our Darkest Night                                           




The Bride Test                                                


The Children’s Blizzard


 The Four Winds


The Girl From Channel Island                       


The Mask of Mirrors                                       


The Outcast Girls


The Russian                                                    


The Survivors


Tropic of Stupid                                               


You Betrayed Me                                           





The Doctors Blackwell



Charlotte Spies for Justice

Newton and Curie: The Science Squirrels       

Noelle At Sea

Waffles the Chicken in the Kitchen


The Mask of Mirrors