October Book Club -

If you haven't read the book yet for this Saturday, Oct. 9, there is still time!  Stephen King's novella, Elevation, is only 146 pages and is a quick read.  Participants will meet in the community room of the Riverton Municipal Building from 10-11am. Masks are worn and the room is large enough for social distancing.

Is this a simple short story or are there hidden meanings? How does King describe the feeling of "elevation?"  What do you think of Scott Carey's attitude toward the "incredible lightness of being?"  What does Scott accomplish in the town of Castle Rock?Author Stephen King is a masterful storyteller. He is probably best known for his top-selling novel The Shining which was first published in 1977--44 years ago. And if this Halloween season has you wanting more scary tales, King satisfies with It, Salem's Lot, and Black House, among others.



The Riverton Area Book Club's next meeting features author Stephen King, master storyteller of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime, and supernatural fiction. On Saturday, October 9, the group will discuss the 146 page, 2018 novel Elevation.  How does the story of the man who keeps losing weight despite how much he eats and the two women who are being shunned by the community for being married evolve into a place of common ground?

New members are always welcome!  The club meets from 10-11 am in the community room of the Riverton Municipal Building. The room is large enough for social distancing and masks are worn.  For further information please contact the Riverton Area Library at 217-629-6353.